RULEZ – Get You Some [Music Video]

GET ready for the most amazing pop album of the year. RULEZ is here with his new album “Gold Upon Gold”, and it’s going to make you groove. This is the album that showcases RULEZ’s talent and versatility as a pop artist. “Gold Upon Gold” features 11 tracks of pure pop magic, including the hit single “Get You Some”. “Get You Some” is the song that will make you feel good and move, the song that will motivate you to show and prove, the song that will make you smile and shine. Produced by the brilliant Don Cash, “Get You Some” is a catchy tune that will get you singing along from the first chorus. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the song of the year before anyone else. Watch the official HD video for “Get You Some” by RULEZ right now, and pre-order your copy of “Gold Upon Gold” at https://RULEZ.LIVE. You won’t regret it. This is the sound of the future. This is “Gold Upon Gold”. Get you some.

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