ROSIE – Lose Me Too [Music Video]

Singer-songwriter ROSIE turns 24 and in celebration, shares her new single “Lose Me Too” via Arista Records. After 2023’s 5 Songs for Healing EP, ROSIE is feeling ready to face her fears this year. Watch the official music video above.

“Lose Me Too” marks a new era in her next project of work. On the making of the track, ROSIE shares, “‘Lose Me Too’ is about someone leaving me, but not letting them take all of my favorite things with them when they do! There are certain songs, places and memories that will always remind me of the person I lost and part of me finds that terrifying. This record is about reminding myself that all of my favorite things still belong to me, and in that way, I am reclaiming my power. ‘Lose Me Too’ is the start of a new era, where I face, confront, and ultimately overcome my biggest fears.”

The songstress chants “you can’t take Bon Iver, my long brown hair” as she learns to grow to love herself as the song progresses. Rosie kicked off her birthday and the release by throwing a pop-up performance in NYC where hundreds of fans came out to celebrate with her in person.

This release is the first since her 2023 EP 5 Songs For Healing, which saw her break 100 million streams, kicked off her first headline tour “The Healing Tour” and toured around the US in support of Thomas Day.

She recently gained attention from Niall Horan who shouted her out in a recent interview. Watch her reaction here. In addition, she covered Noah Kahan’s track “Everywhere, Everything” and Noah Kahan himself championed the cover saying “you’re amazing”.

ROSIE will also be featured on Caleb Hearn’s next track called “A Little Bit Better”. It already has gained nearly 10k pre-saves prior its release date on February 23rd.

More exciting things to come in 2024!

When ROSIE started posting on TikTok, the emotional-pop artist achieved every songwriter’s dream: her breakout single “Never the 1” reached just shy of 18 million views and got the attention of Arista Records, who signed her shortly after. The New York native puts into words the complexities of heartbreak, resonating with millions, as well as celebrities like FINNEAS, Olivia Rodrigo, Charlie Puth, Olivia O’Brien, and Celine Dion–ROSIE even co-wrote “Love Again” for a SONY film, which was Dion’s first song since being diagnosed with Stiff-person Syndrome.

At just 24 years old, ROSIE has already earned a reputation as a self-love visionaire by championing social media transparency: ROSIE does not wear makeup, does not use Facetune, and never edits her photos. Whether it’s her lyrics or her artwork, ROSIE brings forward an unpolished, human authenticity.

100 million global collective streams later, ROSIE just wrapped up her debut U.S. headlining tour in support of her EP, 5 Songs For Healing and her tour-support for Thomas Day’s US tour “Love Me For Another Day”.

Now in 2024, ROSIE has exciting things to come like her track, “Lose Me Too”.

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