Ricky Rich feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Habibi

After breaking the internet and inciting excitement worldwide, rapidly rising Swedish rapper Ricky Rich re-ups, recharges, and reignites his global banger “Habibi” by welcoming A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on a red hot new version out now via Warner Records. Listen to “Habibi” [with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie] above.

This time around, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie adds another dimension to the track with his instantly recognizable flow and undeniable charisma. It serves as the perfect counterpoint to Ricky Rich’s dynamic delivery and the signature hook.

“Habibi” quite literally took the world by storm. Among numerous accolades, it has gathered over 211 million global streams and counting. It picked up a platinum certification in India and emerged among the “Top 20 Warner Music Group TikTok Songs.” Thus far, it has inspired 8.5 million creations on the platform and generated 14.4 billion total views. On YouTube, it reached #1 on Trending Worldwide, surpassing 7.2 billion YouTube views to date across User-Generated Content. Plus, it remains the “most-used Warner Music Group song on Snapchat,” and it cracked the Top 100 on Global Shazam, exceeding 1.2 million total Shazams. The Albanian Remix alone continues to close in on 100 million YouTube views.

Hailing from Västerås, Sweden, Ricky Rich introduced himself in 2017 with his debut EP, Mitt Liv, with Miklo & Tusenfalk. Teaming up with production duo ARAM Mafia, he unleashed a flurry of music before “Habibi” exploded as an inescapable sensation fueled further by the Albanian Remix and Indian Remix.

Ricky Rich brings a bold and bright new bounce to hip-hop with a knack for fiery wordplay and universal hooks. Born of Syrian descent and raised in Västerås, Sweden, he has quietly claimed a place in the global conversation with just shy of half-a-billion streams, gold and platinum certifications in multiple territories, viral impact, and widespread international applause. Growing up, he quickly learned how to persevere and endure by living with a rare lung disease which left him with barely 40 percent lung capacity. Nevertheless, he carefully developed his voice. During 2017, he emerged with the debut Mitt Liv EP (My Life) followed by his mini-album Shhh two years later. 2021 saw him take over TikTok with “Habibi.” This momentum translated to streaming platforms, accumulating over 300 million streams across the original version, German Remix with Dardan and Zuna, Indian Remix with King, and Albanian Remix by DJ Gimi-O. Meanwhile, his 2022 project, Rico Sauve, represented both sides of his slick signature style. With global support from Warner, he kicks off yet another era with a fresh version of “Habibi” featuring multiplatinum New York rap phenomenon A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and more to come. Breaking creative and cultural boundaries, Ricky Rich continues to set the pace for the global sound now.

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