NLE Choppa feat. Polo G – Jumpin

Memphis rap star NLE Choppa is back today with “Jumpin” on NLE Entertainment/Warner Records. The energetic single serves as the first release from Choppa’s forthcoming EP Me vs. Me, out on December 3, and features Chicago rapper Polo G. The fiery track finds the duo in search of cash and come-ups. An accompanying cinematic video explores similar themes, featuring the pair in a multi-act heist story fit for the big screen.

“Jumpin” puts Choppa’s precise flows at center stage. Flipping through flexes and delirious threats, the track lets him show off what he does best. “Play with my cash and I’m on your ass,” he raps. “Like the pockets on the back of your pants.” His ability to blend clever one-liners with a sense of menace is on full display, an approach that Polo also adopts on his melodic verse.

The accompanying visual plays like a classic heist film, with Choppa and Polo serving as the stars. Armed with guns, masks, an armored truck, and dazzling grills, the duo embark on an epic bank robbery, only to get into a shootout with the cops. Like Robin Hood, though, the crew escapes, and the pair end the video chuckling with one another, thumbing through their spoils.

This new collaboration is the latest track in a wildly successful year for NLE Choppa. In August he released the hard-hitting “Mmm Hmm,” which followed June’s poignant, introspective “Letter to My Daughter.” On April 1, he dropped his beloved “First Day Out,” a freestyle over SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box.” The video has since achieved 65 million views on Youtube and the track was eventually reissued as an official remix called “Beat Box 4.” Back in January, Choppa dropped “Picture Me Grapin,’” with a video paying homage to Tupac Shakur. The visual was released at 11:11 AM on January 22, playing up Choppa’s fascination with numerology and spiritual enlightenment.

Choppa continues to push himself and the culture forward. He crashed the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 with his 2020 debut album, Top Shotta. He achieved a record run of 24 weeks atop Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart. To date, he has gathered 5 billion-plus global streams, six RIAA-certified plaques, a spot on the 2020 XXL Freshman list, and a nomination for the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards’ Best New Artist and was recently featured on Billboard’s “21 Under 21” list. With “Jumpin,” Choppa continues his run as one of the most exciting MCs out, in addition to proving his mettle as a worthy collaborator. With Polo G joining on the ride, NLE Choppa has converted his momentum into another hit.

With poise, charisma, and cleverness way beyond his years, 19-year-old NLE Choppa burst onto the scene and immediately grabbed our attention and captured our hearts. Choppa has amassed over 5 billion global streams across platforms and more than 1.4 billion YouTube views while gaining a cult following that transcends age and socioeconomic status. Making Choppa the #1 Billboard Emerging Artist. His breakout hit, “Shotta Flow,” has achieved an RIAA platinum certification and more than 176 million views alone for its raw, true-to-life music video, while the remix featuring Blueface has garnered over 276 million views and counting. Additionally, Choppa’s singles, “Camelot,” “Shotta Flow Remix,” and “Shotta Flow 2,” have earned RIAA platinum certifications, while “Shotta Flow 3” “Famous Hoes,” and “Capo” reached certified gold status. His music and charisma have also garnered support from Billboard, The New York Times, Forbes, GQ, Complex, and XXL. As a young boss with street-savvy, Choppa and his family grew No Love Entertainment (NLE) from humble beginnings in Memphis to a burgeoning full-fledged imprint with Warner Records. NLE Choppa continues to take hip-hop by storm and solidify his place as the next global superstar.

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