Nazzy the Mic – Last Scar

Philly artist Nazzy The Mic presents the music video “Last Scar”. Directed by Peter Insinna, of Brooklyn, NY, “Last Scar” appears on Nazzy The Mic’s soon to be released album “I Speak Pain”. Born Norelle Hampton, the 17 Year Old Gay Muslim Pain rapper has been hitting the studio since the age of 6. Nazzy The Mic’s style is founded upon her sub-genre named Pain Music that turns the booth into a therapy session to communicate her problems, feelings, and thoughts on the mic. The album “I Speak Pain” marks a turning point in her career as a dedicated lyricist. “I Speak Pain” talks about her life experiences in the streets. Lyrics and flows that weave the story of her struggle, loss of loved ones, and legal trouble. “Last Scar is me having a conversation with the microphone about what’s been on my mind lately. I’m a pain rapper so 9x outta 10 that’s what you’re gone hear from me.”

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