Nadim Azzam – Don’t Tell Me

“Don’t Tell Me” by Nadim Azzam is an Alternative Hip-Hop track that blends trap 808s with jazzy live instrumentation – featuring trumpets, electric guitar, and bass.
The lyrics are about searching for healthier ways to cope, overcoming addiction, and wanting to reconnect with a lover in the middle of dealing with conflict.

Check out the video for “Don’t Tell Me” above.

About Nadim Azzam:
You’ve got to hurt to heal. Through painfully honest self-reflection, Nadim Azzam addresses depression, addiction, and the dysfunctional realities of our times with his songs rooted in hope and connectivity. A singer, rapper, and songwriter who makes his own beats and plays multiple instruments on his tracks, Nadim has spent years evolving to where his music is at today.

Making songs for the deep-thinkers, the over-drinkers, and other sensitive souls, Nadim faces his own struggles head-on in hopes of offering some sense of solace to anyone else walking similar valleys of their own. These songs seek to remind that there’s more to life, and that the pain any given individual feels can be transformed from a solitary torment into a vessel of connection.

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