Liss feat. Nilüfer Yanya – Boys In Movies

Liss today share their second single, “Boys In Movies feat. Nilüfer Yanya,” from their upcoming debut album, I Guess Nothing Will Be The Same, out June 10th, 2022 via Escho / In Real Life. Another irresistible cut from the talented Danish band.

Following “Exist” and “Country Fuckboy”, both released in April with videos piecing together past performance footage of the band, “Boys In Movies feat. Nilüfer Yanya” alternates between dark, grungy guitars and sunny major harmonies underneath an absolutely glimmering chorus. Nilüfer’s subtle vocals add an ethereal airiness to the dichotic track, tying the dueling atmospheres together. Recorded entirely remotely during lockdown, Nilüfer’s relationship with Liss was forged during this period too.

Of the new single out today, Liss shares, “Søren constantly sought out new music and always shared his discoveries with everyone around him. He was never afraid to reach out to those people who inspired him. ‘Boys in Movies’ is a track that has had several different identities. It found its direction when we shared it with Nilüfer Yanya, who helped us highlight the energy and gave the song a whole new dimension.”

Although recording began many years prior, their forthcoming debut album was only finished shortly before lead singer Søren Holm tragically passed away in May 2021. With the blessing and encouragement of Søren’s family, the remaining members of Liss have made the decision to release the entire body of work in the hopes of creating a legacy for Søren and to offer fans a chance to hear the music.

The album’s title, I Guess Nothing Will Be The Same, is a line from, “Text Me Back,” a song about a break-up with someone you love that closes out the new LP. Shares the band, “The title has taken on a new meaning since we lost Søren, but we don’t feel that the album can be called anything else. Even though we feel confident in releasing the music, it is still difficult to do. Working with the material is a constant reminder of Søren’s absence.” They continue, “It is important to break the taboo that is connected to suicide, and as we choose to release the music and speak openly about what has happened, it is with the hope that others who may be in a difficult place in their lives or who experience suicidal thoughts will find the courage to talk to someone about it. Losing Søren is the hardest thing we have ever experienced, and we wish with everything in the world that it had never happened. We will never stop missing him.”

The world was first introduced to Søren Holm’s off-kilter charm and mesmerizing voice in the video for Liss’ debut video, “Try”, in 2015, which lingers on an extreme yet beautiful close-up of his face. In the pursuing years, Søren and his fellow band members Villads, Vilhelm, and Tobias navigated Liss’ rise in popularity and everything it brought with it. Co-signed by the likes of Pharrell Williams, they soon followed up with the widely praised First EP (2016) released via legendary label XL Recordings. After an enforced hiatus, they returned with their EPs, Second (2019) and Third (2020). Combining lead-singer Soren Holm’s captivating voice with their grungy take on r&b, soul and alternative pop, stints on the road with artists like Vampire Weekend, MO and Jungle soon followed, all of this winning them fans at FADER, i-D, NYLON, Interview, DIY, and many more along the way.

I Guess Nothing Will Be The Same honors and immortalizes the talent, the love, and the life of Søren Holm.

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