Jas. – Care Too Much

Naarm/Melbourne-based singer songwriter Jas. shares her sophomore single ‘Care Too Much’. Showcasing Jas.’s sparkling vocals and vulnerable, relatable lyricism, ‘Care Too Much’ presents an evolution of her sound. Filled with a stunning blend of electronic bases and acoustic elements, the single further solidifies her position as an artist to watch.

On the single, Jas. details; ‘Care Too Much was written in April of 2021 as an ode to traits within my personality that I felt let me down. The lyrics describe these traits while simultaneously justifying the behaviours that we all know are a detriment to our mental state if not controlled. The writing process wasn’t meant to be a serious one at the time. I was texting in a group chat with the girls and asked them to list things I was terrible at, in an attempt to come up with lyrics to a chord progression I was bopping to. They complied, and very quickly at that, with a list of things that I slowly began to realise really did hold me back from being the best version of myself.

The lyrics really quickly turned into something introspective and relatable, because I think everyone has something that they ‘care too much’ about, so much so that it leads to unnecessary stress and self-doubt; whether it be a job, or making sure that we don’t let down the people we love, keeping up a certain image or status, being right or being fair – we all let something take over. Despite all this, the overall message of the song is that it’s okay to ‘care too much,’ as long as we acknowledge our pitfalls, and at least try to remediate in the process. Together with my frequent collaborator YAAK, we set out to create a fun and light-hearted record, that would best highlight the contrasting sides of the narrative’.

Naarm/Melbourne-based Artist Jas. has recently emerged as one of the city’s most promising and electrifying singer/songwriters. Jasmine Zakhour grew up learning to play an array of instruments and although never mastering one specifically, the curiosity aided in establishing her undying love for music composition. A jack of all trades, master of few – her dexterity with instruments like guitar and keys guided her aptitude to conjure melodies so easily and in turn, heightened her efforts at writing songs.

Growing up in a large family, music was the cornerstone of every family occasion providing a somewhat medium for celebration of life. Early recollections of listening to soul, contemporary r&b and hip-hop influenced her younger years with the likes of Whitney Houston and Boys II Men. With age, artists like Kehlani, Billie Eilish and J.Cole deeply impacted Jasmine’s own desire for strong lyrical content and musicality. Jasmine began singing in high school however restricted her interests in music as a passion more so than a lifelong career. Forced to reckon with the inevitable, she negated an offer to commence a PhD in Science, and alternatively decided to give her enduring dream the exertion and devotion it deserved. 2019 saw the dazzling introduction of Jas. as the featured vocalist and co-songwriter of fellow Naarm/Melbourne-based artist YAAK’s lead single ‘Mind’. She followed with two triumphant collaborations with YAAK (‘Technicolour and ”Drive’), all of which received wide acclaim for their daring electronic and pop sensibility, garning airtime on triple j.

Following her alluring early success, Jas. has since signed alongside YAAK to the independent label Hy-Lo Creative Studios in 2020. This was announced in August to a sold-out show at Horse Bazaar where Jas. was a supporting act for YAAK’s headline EP performance. Unfortunately, due COVID, plans for jas’s independent debut were pushed to 2021. In August of last year, she delivered her first single, ‘Wish You Well’, an introspective pop-ballad produced by frequent collaborator YAAK. The single received high praise from fans and industry folk alike, placing on multiple Spotify Playlists (New Music Friday, Study Zone, Pop Fresh) and receiving national radio play (triple j, 4zzz, Dash).

Jas. returns in 2022 with ‘Care Too Much’, her second of three releases to be produced by YAAK. This single will continue to touch on similar themes outlined within her debut, having written all three records during Isolation.

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