HD.Picasso – Fisherman [Music Video]

Today, burgeoning New Jersey rapper HD.Picasso makes his major-label debut with new single “Fisherman.”With the rapper’s pointed yet laidback delivery on full display, the track showcases his undeniable talent, as well as his fiercely original outlook as he rises in the rap game. The music video puts his personality on full display as he gives glimpses of his Asbury Park neighborhood. Watch the music video above.

“Mama told me if it ain’t about family, don’t put nothing over the bread,” HD.Picasso raps over a clattering beat and ominous tones. “I just popped a green fifteen and a triple stack — ain’t no feelings in my heart, I’ll turn into a fisherman and line him up if he feels like he’s a shark.” Unfiltered and unflinching, the newcomer’s bars are bound to leave a mark.

The unapologetic spitter has been generating buzz for the past few years thanks to his raw freestyles and inscrutable flow. A true lyricist who credits Jay-Z as his chief inspiration, HD.Picasso’s rhymes are influenced by the hardships he has faced, including incarceration, gun violence, and loss. Channeling his pain into music while in prison, he penned his most recent EP Diane’s GrandBaby in dedication to his struggle and perseverance.

Born Jahad Davis in Asbury, NJ, the moniker HD.Picasso originates from the rapper’s ability to paint vivid pictures with his words. Now, with the arrival of “Fisherman,” he proudly showcases his potent, in-your-face flow like never before, hinting at exciting things to come.

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