Germ – CC [Music Video]

Atlanta-based rapper Germ shares his latest 13-track album Every Dog Has Its Day via G59 Records. Germ, a rapper known for his distinctive style and sound, blends elements of trap, punk rock and underground hip-hop on the album, delivering hard-hitting tracks that resonate with raw emotion and authenticity. The album also features collaborations with $uicideboy$, Lil Gnar, TiaCorine and Black Kray.

Lead single “CC” is a powerful track that oozes with unapologetic confidence and an unrelenting drive for success. With his face hidden behind designer frames, Germ craves some space from the noise and negativity that surrounds him and reflects on the hustle. Watch the music video above.

Enigmatic Goth Money rapper Black Kray joins Germ on the track “Live From Da Deep End,” where both rappers dive headfirst into the depths of their unconventional lifestyles. With mysterious allure and a fearless attitude, they navigate a world filled with luxury, vices, and relentless ambition. While “Espy” is a sonic rollercoaster, a heady mix of ambition, intensity, and a constant hunger for the next thrill, encapsulated by the unforgettable hook: “BALLIN WAY TOO HARD I NEEDA ESPY, JETSKI, BALLIN IN MIAMI COME AND GET ME.”

Fans have the opportunity to see Germ perform on a North American tour alongside Canadian rapper Night Lovell. The tour, supporting the new albums from both artists, includes upcoming West Coast stops in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Angeles this month. Additionally, Germ will be joining $uicideboy$ for tour dates in Australian and New Zealand later in the month.


1) Say No More
2) Graveyard Shift
3) CC
4) Lurkin
5) Sick Baby
6) Live From The Deepend ft. Black Kray
7) PULLING UP ft. $uicideboy$
8) Currensy Hymm
9) Mud Diaries Entry #1
10) Off That Sh*t Again ft. TiaCorine
11) ESPY
12) The Green
13) TESLA ft. Lil Gnar


3/15 – Las Vegas, NV @ AREA15
3/16 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren
3/19 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Obsevatory
3/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Fonda
3/26 – Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix Concert

About Germ:
Unlike many artists who aspire to pursue a career in music, Germ’s journey was characterized by spontaneity rather than predetermined ambition. Raised in Florida and Atlanta, Germ’s formative years revolved around football, skateboarding, and graffiti. Football dominated his adolescence until he entered high school, where he discovered a newfound passion for freestyling. In 2013, he achieved viral success after posting a Vine showcasing his musical skills. This attracted the attention of Florida artist Fat Nick and introduced Germ to the world of rap, leading to future collaborations with Fat Nick and Pouya. This experience motivated him to transition from merely freestyling to writing and recording his music.

Connecting with Pouya led Germ to cross paths with the $uicideboy$ during a No Jumper interview in 2015. This encounter sparked a dynamic partnership between Germ and the $uicideboy$ who quickly hit it off and began working together. In 2016, they released their first collaboration, “Marlboros & White Widow,” and invited Germ to embark on their ‘Southside Suicide Tour’ the following year. They didn’t stop there; they continue to work together and released a widely popular trilogy series, ‘DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE’ (2016), ‘DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE’ (2017), and ‘DIRTIESTNASTIEST$UICIDE’ (2022). His artistic evolution has fueled an increasing dedication to his craft, as evidenced by his release of various collaborative and solo projects that highlight his versatility. Notably, his solo efforts such as his debut tape ‘Badshit (Bootleg)’ and ‘Germ Has a Deathwish’ have served as pivotal moments in his career, showcasing his capacity to produce unique and captivating music.

In June 2018, Germ’s career took a significant turn when he officially signed with $uicideboy$ label, G59 Record$. This provided a captivating audience to further solidify his presence in the industry. It marked the beginning of a year filled with creative projects and collaborative ventures, including the release of ‘Samurai Shit’ music video with Lil Gnar. Germ then continued the momentum by joining $uicideboy$ on their ‘I Want to Die in New Orleans’ tour.

Entering 2024, Germ is poised to dominate the year ahead. He kicks things off with a tour alongside Night Lovell and the highly anticipated release of his project in March, titled ‘Every Dog Has Its Day,’ inspired by his own life’s unpredictable twists and turns. Now, with a commitment to his music career and a slew of releases ahead, his influence in the underground rap scene is expected to grow, leaving a lasting impact.

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