Fresco Trey – Bad B*tches [Music Video]

Memphis riser Fresco Trey returns with his empowering new single for women titled “Bad B*tches.” The track follows on from his October-released smash “Not No Mo,” which received praise from Rolling Stone, XXL, LA Weekly and more – the latter featured him in their popularized “In Rotation” column.

On the track, Trey’s honeyed melodies set the tone while a thumping bassline plays the backdrop. Whether he is blowing a bag on his significant other, or showering them with compliments, Trey appreciates a hard-working woman.

“When you hear the title [Bad B*tches] your first response is: ‘is he talking sh*t about the female?’ However, it’s the total opposite,” shares Fresco Trey on his latest song. “Where I’m from a bad b*tch is ‘a woman who’s got her sh*t together and stays hustling to make a better way out.’ Whether she’s a college girl who dances to pay her tuition or a schoolteacher, changing lives every day, a bad b*tch is someone I respect and adore for their hustle. This record has nothing to do with ‘ass & tits,’ but hard work and grit, yeah a bad b*tch.”

As he continues to carve out a lane for his relatable songwriting that carries a true-to-life feel, Trey’s impact on culture branches beyond the music. Over the years, his non-profit organization, the Memphis Youth Kings, has played a fundamental role in empowering change across his hometown.

For Fresco Trey, connection has always been more important than clout. Powered by gentle melodies and vulnerable emotions, his songs swirl together broken romances, overwhelming paranoia, and reflections on his hard-earned come-up into blurry-eyed anthems for an introspective generation. Trey has been involved in music longer than he can remember — he sang his way to a talent show win at just 2 years old. His dad often played Tupac Shakur and Kanye West as they left their Memphis neighborhood for road trips to basketball tournaments, the same trips that would be proving grounds for his freestyle skills when he began rhyming in elementary school. As he dropped songs like his kaleidoscopic “Drip Too Hard” remix in 2018 and unloaded his Ruff Ryders EP in early 2019, Trey solidified his reflective, melodic sound. He eventually created “By My Side,” a cut that showcased his knack for aspirational lyrics framed in memorable melodies — and it connected too. The track reached the ears of Post Malone after a mutual friend introduced them and, impressed with what he heard, the Texas artist eventually invited Trey to travel with him on his Runaway Love Tour to watch the shows and soak up the environment. In 2021, Trey signed a deal with Warner Records after releasing “Feel Good,” a song that racked up the streams and effectively crystallized his path to rap stardom. With momentum at his back, a Post Malone cosign, and plans for a new EP, Trey is starting to look ahead to a hopeful future. He envisions his imprint, Fresco The Label, thriving and supporting new artists. He imagines himself as a global superstar, atop the world’s stage. But that’s not what he’s most concerned with. As he thinks about his new music, he just wants to continue to make honest songs that fans can relate to, to help others feel seen and understood. “I’m just trying to show that I’m human,” says Trey. “I got my flaws, I got my scars. But I like to let people know I’m really there with them. Hopefully, my music can speak for me.”

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