Ferge X Fisherman feat. Victoryaz – Pace

Hailing from Nürnberg, Germany, Ferge X Fisherman deliver their latest single and video “Pace”.

While from overseas, the song and accompanying album both have international appeal, not only because there’s no language barrier, but also due to the fact that their sound is universally and undeniably dope.

Featuring the neo-soul/R&B singer Victoryaz, the song deals with the feeling of being unable to keep up with the sheer pace of events happening around us. A relaxed jazzy beat, combined with a precise rap flow and warm vocal melody to make it a pleasure to listen to while also doing justice to its’ thematic complexity.

‘Pace’ is available now as a single and offers a glimpse into FXF’s second full length album “Duality”.

Check out the video above.

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