Atmosphere – Traveling Forever [Music Video]


Directed by ZooDeVille and Slug
Shot & edited by ZooDeVille

Created by Atmosphere
Produced by Ant
Written and performed by Slug

(Traveling forever)
(Traveling forever)

I’m traveling forever, never released
I’m trying to get some peace, I need to set some boundaries
And step on a beach that’s underneath some palm trees
I want my face to feel as fresh as a breeze
That’s when I awakened and I remembered police
Get your knee off his throat, he can’t fucking breathe
Please each sunrise is golden
When you’re holding onto hope that you don’t die frozen
I mean, I’mma try to keep both eyes open
Don’t be afraid to adjust the lens to find focus
I’m not cold, I just protect my emotions
I suppose I’m supposed to pretend that I’m not broken
I feel attacked by the cameras flash
I’m trying to relax fall back, get off the ambulance path
It ain’t funny but I’d rather just laugh
Play me maybe transfer a fraction of math
Every day I’m trying to master the craft
I’m living on a ladder at the same time rapping for the past

Traveling forever
(Traveling forever)
Traveling forever
(Traveling forever)
Traveling forever
(Traveling forever)
(Traveling forever)

I never got to learn how to dance for you
I don’t know whether or not that’s an attribute
I’d pick locks, kick rocks if I had to choose
So thank god I get to sing my Minneapolis blues
I didn’t come to chill just passing through
I slid into your village fantastic food
I used to roam area codes and time zones
I’ve read books to my kids over the phone
Trying to stay connected and touch base with home
Got an inbox full of videos of their milestones
My headstone might as well be a grindstone
I’m feeling like I brought a microphone to a cyclone
If you’re alone then you’re welcome here
But the owner of the bar is trying to sell some beer
I was surprised like you when I felt those tears
We set the roof on fire and the devil appeared
And now I’m looking at a sketch of myself sincere
It’s been a few consecutive hell of a years
Yeah I feel like I’m juggling a couple of knives
Cause I’m trying to say something that might describe this
I’m not the livest I’m not the brightest
I’m not the prettiest but I’m probably biased
You might want to fall back from the light
And just try to remember where you was at when I was

Traveling forever
(Traveling forever)
Traveling forever
(Traveling forever)
Traveling forever
(Traveling forever)
Traveling forever
(Traveling forever)
(Traveling forever)
(Traveling forever)

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