1nonly – Scars [Music Video]

Rising artist-producer 1nonly releases the hypnotic new single “Scars.” Dense and evocative, the propulsive track finds the Las Vegas native scaling new heights in both artistry and lyricism. “Scars” is the breakout rapper’s much-anticipated first release of 2024.

1nonly raps over layered vocals and haunting synths. With its ambient flourishes and emotional, rapped lyrics, “Scars” showcases the 19-year-old’s wholly original approach to hip-hop. It marks his first release since dropping “GUTS!,” a menacing collaboration with SXMPRA. Prior to that, 1nonly rolled out “POPTHATRUNK” and “TOOLIE BEAM” featuring Pouya.

Those releases followed “Split” and “GHOSTKILLA” [with Jasiah]. Before that, he dropped the Homesick EP highlighted by“Mine” and “Step Back!” alongside New Zealand rapper-producer SXMPRA. 1nonly built on that momentum by unleashing “Leave.” In spring 2023, he completed his first-ever Spotify Stages tour, which saw the rapper bring his frenetic energy to crowds all over.

With each new release, the momentum behind 1nonly grows. To date, he has over 581M total global streams. Defying genres and expectations has always been part of the recipe for 1nonly. He drives that home with the genre-blurring, bar-raising “Scars.”

Stay tuned for more music and surprises from 1nonly.

1nonly’s gothic raps are dark, yet glamorous. Every song is a blur of euphoria and violence, a mosh pit of TikTok generation rap tropes, while he sits at the center, dropping flexes in a deceptively casual cadence. He’s at peace in the chaos. Born Nathan Fuller in 2004 in Las Vegas, NV, 1nonly first dove into alt-metal bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin, later finding hop-hop as a high schooler through skate culture and the internet. He put out his first music in 2019, recorded on a gaming headset, and immediately found an audience for his hooky, tongue-in-cheek style. As he immersed himself in recording more, he shifted from bedroom pop to rap and began honing his sample-heavy sound. Now signed to Warner Records and represented by Wax Management, 1nonly wants to take his songwriting to the next level, working with SoundCloud rappers who inspired him, like Xavier Wulf and Night Lovell, and tapping even further into the romantic darkness he’s cultivated in his music. He’s one of rap’s true punks, making uniquely gloomy, angsty, and otherworldly songs that just might push the whole genre—multiple genres, even—forward.

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